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25% of online travellers will not complete a purchase if they don’t understand the value in their local currency

Trust My Travel utilises acquirers in every region meaning, wherever possible, your customers pay locally – keeping both yours and your customers’ costs down.

Our integrated solution sells your products in your customers’ local currency, while you receive settlement in your base currency in full.

Transparent pricing for your customers

Don’t risk losing business and additional revenue

Statistics show that, on average, 25% of customers will not follow through with an online travel purchase if they can’t don’t understand the value in their base currency – you could be unknowingly discouraging sales from a quarter of your potential market.
With the Trust My Travel solution, prices are displayed in multiple local currencies meaning you not only up your conversion rates but ensure your business feels local.

Pay agents, affiliates & suppliers in multiple currencies

Automatically settle affiliates, agents and suppliers in their local currencies when a customer completes checkout. Trust My Travel are able to set up multiple ‘channels’ – one currency per channel.
If you wanted to be able to send links for customers to pay in ZAR we would set you up a ZAR channel which you would log in to and send the payment link out from. The customer pays in ZAR and you are released these funds in ZAR.

No surprises when you’re settled funds

With Trust My Travel’s Multi-Currency Pricing you can price to worldwide customers in their local currencies without any FX exposure and you are always settled in your base currency.

For Example – you sell your product for 100.00 USD but have a customer paying in GBP, you will receive 100.00 USD every time. It’s that simple.

Take the hassle out of FX management

No banks or brokers charging your customers for conversion.

Not only do you receive settlement in full – in your chosen currency – you can earn and reclaim off your foreign exchange exposure.

Looking for additional information on Multi-Currency Pricing?

Alternatively, we are always happy to answer any questions that you might have. Please don’t hesitate to drop us a message below.