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Protected Processing

Providers using our Protected Processing receive settlement for sales on a regular basis – twice-weekly, weekly, 14-Day and monthly – regardless of when the travel product is booked for. Simply sell your products and enjoy regular and efficient release of funds on a rolling basis.
Funds still pass through Trust My Travel Trust Accounts, ensuring funds are secure, and are then insured against your failure, before being settled to you. Protect Processing manages risk exposure, meaning you’ll be able to provide your customers with the confidence that they’re booking is 100% financially protected against non-delivery and supplier insolvency.

How Settlement Works

Settlement is the term we use to describe the process of paying funds out to providers. Also known as ‘pay-outs’. The settlement process begins as soon as each twice-weekly, weekly, 14 day or monthly processing statement has been automatically assigned to our Trust Ledger.


Providers on a 3-day release will receive funding on a twice weekly basis. On a Monday and end on a Wednesday or begin on a Thursday and end on a Sunday.


Providers on a 7-day release will receive funding on a rolling weekly basis. The 7-day period always begins on a Monday and ends on a Sunday.


Providers on a monthly release will receive funds within 5 days of the start of the month following their statement.

Looking for additional information on Protected Processing Membership?

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